Nano Defender & Nano Guardian

Nature's Shield Against Germs

Introducing the Nano Defender series, an innovative technology powered by Chitosan, a natural substance derived from crustacean shells. Chitosan possesses a positive charge that attracts and binds to the negative charges on the surface of bacteria, germs, and viruses. This binding action inhibits their growth and prevents their spread, providing a robust defense mechanism.

Nano Defender

Nano Defender is your ultimate shield against germs and bacteria. Powered by Chitosan, a natural substance derived from crustacean shells, it binds to pathogens' surfaces, preventing their growth and spread. With a single gallon, you're equipped with lasting protection for various surfaces, ensuring a cleaner environment.

Nano Guardian

Introducing Nano Guardian, your daily defense against germs. This alcohol-free hand protection technology, powered by Chitosan, creates a barrier that inhibits germ growth for up to 24 hours between uses. Stay confident knowing you have reliable protection at your fingertips, all day long.



Beyond Klean does not make any public health or safety claims about its Nano Defense Systems products. The Nano Defender Surface Shield and Nano Guardian Skin Shield were engineered to protect surfaces against microbes. Although these products are designed to reduce microbial populations, they cannot eliminate all risk of microbe transference.

Key Features

Utilizing Nano Defender:

Nano Defender introduces a new era of protection. Whether for hard or soft surfaces, Nano Defender offers a biostatic protectant that upholds cleanliness and hygiene. Additionally, the Nano Guardian variant provides an alcohol-free hand protection solution that remains effective for up to 24 hours between uses.

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FDA Approved

USDA Approved

USDA approved for use in organic crop production. It is listed on the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances in Organic Crop Production under §205.601(m) as an EPA List 4 inert

Chitin:Is non-toxic*, inert, abundant, renewable & biodegradable (*as defined by OSHA Code 29 CFR 1910.1200).

Can be applied to food-contact and non-food contact surfaces (as defined by EPA Code 40 CFR 180.940, 960).

Doesn’t harm people, pets, livestock, wildlife or the environment (as defined by EPA Code 40 CFR 180.930).